Welcome to Audacious Investing

Welcome to Audacious Investing, the magazine to help you put your money where your values are.

Rachel Alembakis, publisher, Audacious Investing

Audacious Investing is for you – someone who is interested in finding investment, savings and banking products and services that match your ethics and your values. Ethical or responsible investment (both are used almost interchangeably) is a quickly growing part of the financial services industry in Australia and New Zealand. The Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) has calculated that responsible investments have more than quadrupled over the past three years to $622 billion, with 44% of Australia’s assets under management invested through some form of responsible investment strategy.

When we’re talking about responsible investment strategies, we’re talking about screening out companies that have negative environmental or social impacts like tobacco, gambling, fossil fuels, cluster munitions, pornography, etc., etc. Or strategies invest in positive themes like renewable energy, or impact investing – investment that unite social or environmental missions with investment return.

If these are things that interest you, you’re not alone – RIAA has also done research showing that that nine out of 10 Australians expect their superannuation or other investments to be invested responsibly. Further, four in five Australians “would consider switching their super or other investments to another provider if their current fund engaged in activities inconsistent with their values, and just over half will consider making ethical or responsible investments in the next 1 to 5 years.”

Australians want investments to go into companies that build clean energy infrastructure, or avoid controversial weapons. Other issues for consumers include animal cruelty (69%), human rights violations (62%), and pornography (56%). Does that sound like you? We’re here to educate and inform!

But beyond superannuation and investment, there’s a whole world out there to talk about – ethical banking products, insurance products, and innovative new ideas like crowd-sourced equity platforms, which allow you to buy into businesses in smaller allocations. Also areas like social enterprises, the blend between social and environmental activism and business operations, and its corollary, impact investing. We’re going to look at all of this with a mix of articles, videos and even podcasting.

And who am I? I’m your publisher, Rachel Alembakis. I’ve been a journalist since I was 17 years old, and I’ve been writing in the sustainability and ethical/responsible investment space since 2011, when I founded The Sustainability Report (I encourage you to check it out, too). I’m passionate about exploring the investment industry and writing clearly about its participants and investors.

Audacious Investing is an independent magazine – I publish it, and the magazine is for you, the readers. That means that what you see is journalism, not sponsored content. We will feature comment pieces from industry experts – this week, for example, Stuart Palmer of Australian Ethical Investment contributes a piece about green investing. But we only accept pieces designed to educate, not to sell.

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